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We specialise in providing a fun atmosphere and great player experience on our servers as we believe you should enjoy playing with the players as well as your favourite game. If CS:GO isn't your thing, don't worry! Our community has a very diversed player-base from all over the world actively playing other games such as League of Legends, PUBG, GTA V, Overwatch and much more!

About Us

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  • Who are we?

    We are an online gaming community formed in February 2012 from Counter-Strike:Source. We then later moved on to be a CS:GO based, multi-gaming community planning to continue growing and progressing.

  • Community Atmosphere

    The friendly and lively atmosphere created by our members makes the servers a daily hang-out place after school or work. Whether you just want to have a chat with your best mates on teamspeak or play a 5v5 competitive Gather, we can guarantee you will have a great time!

  • Events & Tournaments

    Hosted by Staff and volunteer Members. Events vary in game-mode e.g. prop-hunt, zombie survival or involve other games like GTA or LoL. We also host larger and more competitive tournaments such as OB LoL Championship and ESL Outbreak where you team up with others to win prize money and much more!

  • Meetups

    What really separates us from other communites are the meetups! We have had multiple meetups in the last few years where members from all over Europe including the UK, Netherlands, Norway and Finland have booked their flight, train and hotel tickets and have met up for drinks and activies such as Clubbing, Go-Karting, Mini-Golf and more!

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